Women in Economics

An all-female stage
A celebration of some of the most influential thinkers and doers in the field.
  • A lack of representation.
  • The number of women in economics has plateaued, especially at senior levels, without any real significant improvement in the numbers in the last decade. For an industry that focuses on such a diverse list of topics and issues, the representation of the field has remained stagnant. We think it’s time that changed.

Eliana La Ferrara

"The single most important thing for economists will be the ability of understanding which questions you can answer."

A three-year program
One economist a month
Tackling all areas of economics

Lucrezia Reichlin

"It's important for women to understand that there are other women who have successfully done it and are actually enjoying it."

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Marianna Bertrand

"There's no doubt that by limiting our profession, we are leaving a lot of discoveries on the table."
  • Women in Economics is a celebration of the contributions and achievements women have bestowed to the field of economics, which are plentiful. The goal is to encourage more women to enter the discipline, both in academia and in policy making, and to demystify the field and better communicate what economics is all about.
  • It is a joint program between UBS and the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), the leading European network of academic economists.
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