Wetten, das war's..?

A TV dinosaur takes over NETFLIX
Non-Germans may not know him, but get ready to adore him. We've put our TV legend Frank Elstner back in his suit and in the interview chair for the very first online-only German talk show “Wetten, das war's..?” (“Just One Last Question”). In 2020, Frank Elstner moved from YouTube to Netflix, meeting the biggest names in entertainment.

"If you step into an elevator and face the opposite direction of the crowd, just wait, it won’t be long before the others turn around."

Frank Elstner

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  • This time the studio chairs are empty and prime time is irrelevant. The interviews are personal and intimate as Elstner reminds the old and teaches the young why he’ll go down in history as media icon.
  • His trademark is the unmistakable Elstner feel-good factor: the renunciation of roles and an aversion to click bait, choosing to focus on real emotions with respect, depth and unique entertainment value.
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  • “Wetten, das war’s..?” on YouTube is a revelation. Only one question remains: Why is this show on YouTube and not on ARD or ZDF?
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  • Elstner shows with flying colors why he is one of the greatest in the German showbiz industry. “Wetten, das war’s..?” is the name of the show and one would wish that Elstner loses this bet, not out of pity, but because he leads damn good conversations.
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  • The eternal Elstner, who always comes up with something new. Who, even at the age of 77, manages to create a program that is almost independent of age.
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  • After this broadcast I wish that the people of my generation would preserve more of his attitude, letting others take precedence and creating a life's work out of it. And that's why I'm looking forward to all the other episodes of “Wetten, das war’s..?” - even if I always have to hold myself back, not to cry.
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  • "Mr. Elstner is more authentic than many of the YouTubers today. More please."
  • Ug.u.r
  • "An hour of glory by Frank Elstner! Better than ever!"
  • Sebastian Will
  • "Almost fascinating that a "TV dinosaur" produces the YouTube content of the highest quality."
  • Toshiro Moto
  • "Great, an exciting show format. A TV legend nailing it on YouTube."
  • Lasse Rinstrøm

“Wetten, das war’s..?” is not a show calling for good ratings. It's a new Elstner, a like for like to his fans and guests.

"The event has never been me. I gave a platform to the little man so that he could feel that this is his all-time favorite day.” - Frank Elstner
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