Meet the Zoo

Want to make an impact in your industry? Give us a call, we’re looking forward to developing a vision together.


Managing Director
With more than 20 years’ experience as a television producer, Tom produced more than 50 programs and founded an award-winning television production company before starting Zoo. While his titles include Executive Producer, Managing Director, CEO and Bossman Extraordinaire, he’d prefer it if you just called him Tom, Mr. Elstner, if you must.


Creative Producer, Director
Aurelia directs documentaries and advertising campaigns. She has worked as a journalist and editor for print publications and broadcasting companies and has managed a film set on an oceanographic research ship in heavy seas. Be sure to clear your schedule if you ask her about her latest documentary pitches, this woman has some ideas.


Kat is responsible for production and content strategy. She has worked as an editor at literary agencies and publishing houses, where she honed her eye for identifying great projects. Her superpowers include trying to save the world while keeping clients happy and writing up to 150 emails a day – all with a smile.


Head of Postproduction
As the head of post-production, Dominik is the brain behind all visual effects related elements including sound design and animations. With an unmatched eye for detail and a musician at his core, he’s a master of injecting just the right level of emotion into projects and can always find the right soundtrack.


Content Editor
Specializing in writing, editing, marketing campaigns and social media, Carly’s experience has ranged from working as a journalist for lifestyle publications internationally to being a founding member of a blockchain company in Berlin. A storyteller at heart, she is forever trying to finish her first novel.


Production Assistant
Anyone who has the pleasure of meeting Basti wants to keep him. He is not only our socializer on duty, but he sees, achieves and learns everything – at record speed with absolute precision. Whether it’s filming, editing or entertaining on set, Basti is not only destined for greatness, he is already our star. So hands off, the boy is ours!


Postproduction, Camera Operator
If you hand Ken a camera, he beams like he's going to Disneyland. He still can't believe we're actually paying him for this. As a true film nerd, he knows exactly how to perform a great edit, and he lets off steam with the color palette as if he was Monet at the water lily pond. In the words of our eternal optimist: “That boy is great!”

Let’s Make
Something Great

Zoo produces meaningful content.
Our film crew knows how to get the best shot, whether it’s flying a drone over Gaza or getting muddy in the slums of Liberia. A lot of sweat, mud and persuasiveness – all for the best shot possible. We produce inspiring and impactful documentaries and brand campaigns that ask the right questions and we never shy away from thinking outside the box. We can do social media best practices, (once in a lifetime) event production, visual effects, animations, sound design - basically anything that looks and sounds good. Our business cards are the prettiest pitch decks you’ve ever seen. Want to make an impact in your industry? Give us a call, we’re looking forward to developing a vision together.
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