Nobel Perspectives

Asking the questions that can't be googled.
Explore the lives and work of some of the most brilliant minds.
  • An investment into knowledge.
  • Zoo Agency holds one of the largest archives of interviews with Nobel Prize winners. It allows for inspiring content to be produced, rooted in history and as relevant today.
  • We believe that today, more than ever, we need to democratize information and invest into knowledge.


"Imagine you could have a little impact that could affect millions of people, wouldn’t that be pretty cool?"

Robert C. Merton, Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences 1997
  • An investment into knowledge to help build your brand.
  • We've teamed up with UBS to interview Nobel laureates in Economic Sciences, getting their expert opinions on everything from the global economy and financial markets to climate change and societal trends and conflicts. The project is a multimedia campaign and an event series that has stopped in Singapore, Shanghai, New York and London. It has appeared in nearly 40 articles published in international press and welcomed more than 6,000 attendees at the four events.
  • Together, we explore the questions that shape our world.

There are always more questions to ask.

  • Which is why we’re continuing our journey to meet the incredible minds that have been awarded the world’s most prestigious prize.
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