Experience matters

If you can’t shoot it, draw it.
Sometimes what’s conceivable is not always enough. Never discouraged by limitations, we go ahead and redefine what’s possible instead.
  • It would take 48 hours to watch all six seasons of Sex and the City while flying around the globe.
  • We got through all of one episode before a flight attendant tucked us in with a fresh white sheet. We were already landing as we woke up. Instead of grabbing our luggage and pushing our way to the exit, we begged: just keep flying! The claim that a flight can be more relaxing than the destination itself, sounds like a boldfaced lie. But we’re here to tell you, it’s true. Instead of renting out an entire commercial plane to fill with camera equipment, crew and extras, we took a different route, the 2D animation route. Linen not included.
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