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Advertising is a creative workout. Thinking different, thinking big and then doing it all over again. Have mercy!

Beauty is king

Nivea Cellular Cushion
There are three things one needs in order to produce a beauty commercial. First, a twenty-something, girl next door type with a supermodel look. Second, a big, white designer bathroom, which is much harder than it sounds. Last but not least, you need patience, Buddha-like levels of patience, for the application scene. Cream on, makeup on, remove. Break. Cream on, makeup on, remove. Break. Repeat. Client: Beiersdorf
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Healthy is the new pop

Knorr Natürlich Lecker
We proudly present our foody dancefloor. Come and watch young fresh vegetables spontaneously combust in the air to make the perfect plate. Join the party, get hungry, eat. Client: Unilever
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Why so serious?

Rapid White
Gone are the days of boring advertisements. Scream, laugh, show your teeth. Just try not to smile. Go on, we dare you. Clients: Lornamead
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Express Yourself

Schaebens Gesichtsmasken
Haven’t you heard? Face masks today are the mood rings of the 90s. Feeling fancy? Grab the gold. Having a rebellious streak? You’ll need a charcoal mask for that. Now if only we could make wearing face masks to work and school more socially acceptable.
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Sustainable advertising

Sneakers for Life
What’s that? You hate advising? Because it’s full of lies, stereotypes and is the fuel to capitalism’s fire? Well, then we’d like to introduce you to a little something called sustainable advertising. Auctioning off shoes to raise money for cancer? Those are our favorite types of commercials. Client: Sneakers for Life in partnership with Deutsche Krebshilfe
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