When you have a business, with a purpose to sell products, you need to learn from yourself. Our new website is our reintroduction to the world. We’ve listened, we’ve grown, we’re different.

How often do you go shopping for groceries? I do at least once every two weeks. But in the end, I always buy the same things, all the time. Why should I change when I know what I like and trust?

When you have a business, with a purpose to sell products, you need to learn from yourself. What can convince me to try something different? I need people to talk about products, I need unusual experiences. Excitement, curiosity.

Imagine the following scenario: You’re in the grocery store and a stranger steps in front of you, drops a product into your cart and says confidently, “This will change your life!” He’s gone before you can even ask why. You take the product, look at it and put it away again because the mysterious stranger is not someone you trust and the product has nothing special upon first glance.

As soon as you are home, you share the story with your loved ones. And they are curious. What was the product? What did it look like? You talk about it and probably laugh about the whole experience.

Stay with me. An avalanche is about to start. 

The next time you enter the grocery store and see that “life-changing” product, it is already now linked to excitement. You buy it. And back home, it becomes an event to try it. Even more, your loved ones share the story with their friends and neighbors. And the next time you speak, you find out that they have tried it too.

At Zoo Agency, we’ve been the stranger. We presented you with a product. Triggered curiosity, sold stories, created experiences. The only problem was we not necessarily liked the products we sold. We just loved to find ways to present them.

For the last few years, we’ve been regularly interviewing Nobel Laureates in Economics and they have shared which kind of impact is necessary in order to change tomorrow’s world in a positive way. We changed our own views and started to create content that has the ability to shape people’s minds and priorities. We changed our priorities.

Our new website will give you an impression of who we are today and where we are heading in the years to come. There aren’t just new colors. We decided to go with full transparency.

We still might be a stranger to you but when you enter our store, you’ll discover products which are worth speaking and thinking about. We’re using the tools of modern design, out of the box creativity and the right distribution channels.

Will the new Zoo change your life? Only one way to find out. And if you want to change other people’s lives together with us, introduce yourself – and we might just tell our friends and neighbors.

Stay curious,
Tom Elstner