Zoo Agency

Where ideas run wild
Zoo is a Berlin-based production company serving clients in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. We produce impactful documentaries, entertainment formats and brand campaigns that ask the right questions, and we never shy away from thinking outside the box. What else we can do? Well, social media best practices, (once in a lifetime) event production, visual effects, animations, sound design - basically anything that looks and sounds good. Our business cards are the prettiest pitch decks you’ve ever seen. If you are still not convinced: Since 2019, we’ve been officially crowned an “award-winning” agency.
Daniel Kahneman Nobel Laureate in Economics


Asking the questions that can’t be googled.
Explore the lives and work of some of the most brilliant minds of today with Nobel Perspectives.
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Frank Elstner: Wetten, das war's..?


A TV dinosaur takes over NETFLIX.
Germany's most famous TV host waves a digital farewell to audiences with the very first German talk show on NETFLIX. Start: June 12.
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Building trust in brands.
Want to know how to fix the consumer trust crisis? Let us show you how with campaigns that do good, while looking even better.
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An all-female stage.
A celebration of some of the most influential thinkers and doers in the field.
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Social Awareness

Trading places to make a statement.
Meet the faces of homeless Berliners as they slip into an unfamiliar role, transforming into those who could never image being in their shoes.
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Giving Back

In need of a hero.
Illness is universal but access to healthcare is not. Going, literally, the last mile can make all of the difference.
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In Motion

Graphics and Animation
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